Ovapi allows the consultation of feeds created from opendata files published by the transit-agencies under open license. They convert the data from the NDOV "Koppelvlakken" to GTFS. There is a symlink always pointing at the latest GTFS file available.

If you download the gtfs-nl.zip file in the root folder you will get a complete coverage of the Netherlands. The feed is symlinked to the gtfs-nl.zip in the /NL folder, where you can find the GTFS-RT feeds with realtime information on this feed.

The govi feed is a integrated feed of the Bus/Tram/Metro/Ferry in the Netherlands, but it has partial coverage. These feeds has a KV8 realtime stream available, which is suitable for conversion to GTFS-RT

The openov-nl feed is the same as the GTFS-NL feed except on request of Open-OV we excluded the AVV and Thalys schedules.

Additional Info

Field Value
country_code NL
license CC-0
url_api https://github.com/koch-t/KV78Turbo-OVAPI/wiki
url_website http://gtfs.ovapi.nl/