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The digital basic landscape model (ATKIS-Basis-DLM) is a digital, object-structured vector database. It determines the topographical objects of the real world by location and shape, by name and properties. Furthermore, object-related factual data is linked in such a way that the database can be used in a GIS application. In order to achieve nationwide uniformity of the content of the data, the basic DLM is created with the help of an object type catalog (ATKIS-OK basic DLM) derived from the AAA application schema, the regulations for the content and for modeling the topographical information for the AdV basic data stock and which contains country solutions. In addition to the features of the feature type groups 'Settlement', 'Traffic', 'Vegetation', 'Water', 'Administrative Area Units' and 'Relief Shapes', the content also includes buildings and facilities on settlement areas and for traffic, as well as special information on water bodies. The positional accuracy for the main linear objects (road axes, lane axes, railway lines and water bodies) is +/- 3m. When using a database, the ATKIS data can either be submitted completely or as a user-related inventory data update (NBA) according to the time cycles desired by the customer. The data is provided free of charge via automated procedures or by self-extraction. When using the data, the license conditions must be observed.

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